Im moving to WSU in a matter of a couple of weeks , less than two weeks , like 12 days , whatever you wanna say. Its about time for me to be in a new environment to live in , because at home its not healthy right now. My school environment is great its just home isnt . So moving out to WSU will give me some time to become independent and be able to just focus on school and not at home drama! Anyways, going to WSU is going to give me some time to change! Yes change! I get to have a whole new image.. well not an entire whole new image … just change a few things about be , because well hey?! Only about 20 people know me … and thats practically it! There is over 4000 freshman entering and theres over 20000 people at WSU . So i have a chance to have a somewhat new beginning , of course im still staying close to my friends but im gonna take advantage of this and be able to change my attitude, my somewhat appearance, and just myself in general. Im not going to lose myself i have my plans and i know what i wanna do. Things are about to change at WSU and they aint even ready! LOLOL. JKAY. They are … im just scared that they wont like the new me. 

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This post is posted on Monday 30 July 2012.
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